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Summer is Coming

Alright, here is the warning shot with a twist for all my Game of Thrones fans, SUMMER IS COMING. We must get ready. What does that mean? Well, I–being the optimist I am–believe we will be back to a much closer-to-normal summer than last year, with some restrictions still in place. Nevertheless, we need to prepare ourselves. After all, it has been two years since we did this.

So, let’s cover the basics:

Who can watch the children? Who is still on the friends and family circle who can watch these children all day while we are at work, and on what days?

We have spent a year doing just about all the possible indoor activities we can. We need to get outside, and if we can’t, it is absolutely time to get some new indoor activities. If you choose a new game to buy each time you visit the store and hide them when you get home, you can bring them out sporadically and it will not be too much at once.

Transportation Plans
Most of all, our offices have gotten used to the schedule moving, but the sooner you can get transportation plans laid out, the better for you and your office. 

Camp or No Camp?
Camps are going full speed, as opposed to what some may say. Trust me, I have talked to them personally. The question is, are you going for a Day Camp, an Overnight Camp, or no camp? If camp is in the plan, the sooner the better to register, as they are at limited capacity this year. Shameless plug: Make sure to sign up for our Baton Rouge Parents Magazine Camp Fair from March 19-22.

So, there is so much more that needs to be done, but you now have been warned. If you don’t start now, trust me, things will not go as smoothly as planned. Best case, you mad-dash to get it all done and end up stressed out trying to find a last minute spot. Worst case? You’re back to a summer of 2020 all over again!

But trust me, SUMMER IS COMING.

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