Celebrate Earth Day!

Our Earth is home to 8.1 billion people who depend on its natural resources every single day. That’s why each year, on April 22, more than a billion people celebrate Earth Day to protect the planet against climate change, pollution, and deforestation. As your kids grow up, it’s important to teach them how to do their part to take care of their planet. By making Earth Day interactive, educational, and fun, you can get your kids interested in sustainability efforts to make our world a happier, healthier place to live. Check out these ideas to celebrate Earth Day with your kiddos. 

Go Car-Free (Within Reason)
Set aside time on Earth Day to experience an outing car-free. Walking or biking to school (or any family outing) will teach your child about reducing emissions, and how they can do their part to minimize their carbon footprint. 

Make an Eco-Friendly Animal Feeder or House
This Earth Day craft is perfect for your littles to make a difference in their own backyard. To make an animal house or feeder, reuse a milk carton, a coffee container, a large soda or water bottle, popsicle sticks, toilet paper rolls, or any other eco-friendly supplies you can find in your home. Your kiddos will have a blast creating a shelter or feeder for the tiny animals that visit your window or backyard. 

Plant a Pollinator Garden
Pollinators like butterflies, bees, hummingbirds, and moths are becoming increasingly endangered due to deforestation, invasive plant species, and overuse of pesticides. To help out pollinators, you can feed them and keep them living their best lives by planting a garden of plants they’re attracted to. Generally, pollinators enjoy milkweed, coneflowers, goldenrod, sunflowers, aster, cosmos, and lavender. Make sure to research invasive plants to ensure you don’t accidentally plant a species that does more harm than good in your garden.

Make a Mini Terrarium
Making a terrarium is the perfect way to flex your green thumb, and is perfect for all ages. The creative possibilities are endless, and chances are, you already have most of the supplies in your home. You can pick up plants suitable for a terrarium at your local garden store. Give your kiddo creative freedom to make a fairy garden, prehistoric forest, jungle, or whatever their heart desires! You can use plastic animals, dinosaurs, or figures to add character to the terrarium. You can put a lid on the terrarium container, but make sure you give your plants plenty of air. Also, keep the terrarium moist to ensure optimal conditions for your chosen plants.

Take a Hike
Hitting the trails is a great way to slow down and appreciate our surroundings. Nature observation is a step further than just spending time in nature––it’s a time to reflect and take in fresh air. If you’re unsure of what trails to hike, check out to locate the best trails in Louisiana. While on the trail, take time with your kiddos to point out plants or animals that you come across. 

Go Birdwatching
Birds play an important role in keeping our ecosystem in balance. They’re predators, pollinators, scavengers, seed dispensers, and ecosystem engineers. Teach your children about the many types of birds native to Louisiana, and how they contribute to the ecosystem. Head out of the city and don a pair of binoculars to see these avian creatures in action. Be sure to be extra-quiet, and respectful of the birds as you view them in trees and nests. 

Explore the World From Home
A great way to learn about our wonderful Earth is through books! Take a trip to the local library and find books that talk about nature, the Earth, and the many places that make our planet so beautiful. Read about how the Everglades were formed, how plate tectonics work, and how deep our oceans are. Helping our children learn about the natural wonders of our world is a great way to educate them on ways to preserve the planet they live on. 

Create a Nature Journal
If you want a simple way to get your kids engaged on Earth Day, you can help them create a nature journal to document their surroundings. A nature journal is something that you can bring on a walk around the neighborhood, or on a trail in the woods! Get a journal of any kind, grab pencils and markers, and help your child make notes of the animals and plants they see.

Earth Day is an important reminder that we only have this one planet and we must look after it. Getting your children excited about the Earth is a great way to get them involved in sustainability and conservation efforts for years to come.

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