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Are You a Mimi, Gigi, Tia, Pop, or PaPaw?

If you’ve recently brought a child into the world, your parents and siblings are likely brainstorming names they would like your child to call them. Mawmaw, Pawpaw, Auntie, or Uncle are more traditional names, but they may want to go down a more creative route. In this case, make sure the name is something easy for your child to pronounce. While Tia Tina sounds cute, it may prove difficult for the little one to say. You also need to make sure the name has your siblings’ or parents’ approval before your child learns a name they do not appreciate. Here is a list of unconventional names to get you started:

Some families use names like Unk, Unki, Bud, and Buddy as unique names for a child’s uncle, but there are interesting names other languages use such as Onkel in German, ShuShu in Chinese, Theios in Greek, and DyaDya in Russian. The romantic languages say Tio, Oncle, and Zio in Spanish, French, and Italian, respectively. Another popular name is Tito. 

Lala, Nini, and Bubbie are cute and easy names for your child to call his or her aunt. Other fun names to be considered are Oba in Japanese, Guma in Chinese, Theia in Greek, Tia in Spanish, or Tante in French and German. Other names to consider include Auntie, MeMe, GiGi, LeLe, FiFi, TayTay, Tita, and Taunt.

MawMaw is the classic southern name that goes hand-in-hand with PawPaw. Your child may also enjoy saying Baba, Granny, Grammy, Nana, Gingie, Lola, or Geemaw, or using other languages like Abuela in Spanish, Grandmere in French, or Nonna in Italian. A few other fun names to try include KK, MiMi, ShaSha, BeBe, Tolly, Nan, JoJo, Honey, YaYa, DeDe, and Oma. 

Other options outside the beloved Pawpaw and Papaw include Papa, Geepaw, Gramps, Boppa, Pops, Coach, Pop-Pop, Poppy, Papi, Captain, Pop, Lolo, Pappoús, and Popeye, along with Abuelo in Spanish, Grandpere in French, or Nonno in Italian.

Do you have a unique name that you would like to share with us? Email us at with Trendy Nicknames in the subject line. We’d love to add it to the list.

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