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Women in Art: Pantone Theory Exhibit

Art has the ability to inspire us, make us feel something we never thought possible, and give us perspective through the eyes of another. With the help of local curators, Ellemnop.Art, all of this and more is brought to life in their newest exhibition, Pantone Theory.

The Pantone Theory exhibition was inspired by the beginning of the Pantone company.

“The founding of the Pantone company came about due to one person’s ability to transform an unfavorable situation into a thriving business, by putting their talent and passion to work. Creating artwork that will be admired over time takes the same amount of hard work, if not more. Creating through times of instability, emotional ups and downs, or worldly chaos is no easy feat. Artists are to be responsible for heightening our emotional intelligence, to make us feel something or feel everything–not just creating a pretty picture with matching colors.”

The exhibition is filled with incredible pieces by six local female artists who have all used their talents to create beauty that will certainly inspire us all. Their work can be viewed virtually or at the Healthcare Gallery, 3488 Brentwood Drive, now through July 16, 2021.

Meet The Artists
Sallie Anzelmo

Sallie’s work is influenced from days growing up on her family’s farm, summers spent on the water, and by her love of traveling and exploring. Her use of bold colors, various textures and mediums, and distinct markings innately flows throughout all of her works which spark emotion for love of life and nature.

Brittani Dew
To Brittani, art is all about what it makes you feel: joy, sorrow, peace, chaos, emptiness, or fulfillment. These feelings themselves have inspired her to create the pieces here today, which ultimately are pieces of her. When she paints, she also takes inspiration from music to help her discover colors and textures that will cohabitate harmoniously.

Cheri Fasy
Following four generations of needle workers, an inherent desire to hand- stitch led Cheri to explore mixed-media embroidery. Cheri’s art brings to life color, light and transparency through hand-stitched mazes of thread. She uses recycled silkscreens as a base for embroidery, which allow her to play imaginatively upon the ghosted images and residue left behind.

Madison Gravelle
Madison’s art, in truth, is always inspired by the present moment. As she observes the world as a detached, yet joyful, participant, she allows herself to transmute that via her art. Her medium is acrylic paints with oil pastel on top, and it is usually also meshed with layers of spray paint, along with many coats of varnish. Although, whatever objects, words, and colors appear are usually chosen right then and there, her work usually includes colored backgrounds that appear like Tetris, or a piece of Frank Lloyd Wright stained glass. Madison enjoys order, but she truly thrives on fun. Using the oil pastels, almost like a child uses crayons, it allows her to get up close and personal, intimate, and down-right silly.

Jennifer Poe
Creating has always been a part of Jennifer’s life since a young age. Color, feelings and music merge in her studio as her paintings come alive. The colors she chooses inject happiness into the lives of her collectors. Her favorite thing about being an artist is there are no rules in creativity.

Jennifer Ward
Jennifer’s approach to making a painting is more intuitive and conversational than methodical. The result is a balance of deliberate marks and the spontaneous nature of the media. The combination provides a visual language unique to each viewer. Jennifer’s passion is to help collectors curate a space that nurtures a sense of well-being and relaxation with art that also reflects their authentic voice.

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