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Well, Here We Are…

This is the time we have all been waiting for…2021. I don’t know about you, but 2020 went by so fast and so much happened that I don’t even remember it all. I have talked to friends, co-workers and clients, and each time we talk about it, I hear a story and ask, “Did we really do that? I don’t even remember.” I think we all were in a place of, “Let’s just get through this!” And guess what? If you’re reading this, it means you did! So, congratulations and welcome to 2021.

So, how do we do this differently, and is it really different? A lot of the same problems we had in 2020 are still with us. And just like 2020, there are things that are going to come up that we never expected. What can be different, however, is the way we approach it. Over the last few years of writing this column, I have talked about taking time to spend with family and doing fun things together, and now is the time to do those things. I have always said that life is what happens when you’re doing other things.

Now, I am not talking about all the crazy New Year’s resolutions and let’s get motivated stuff. I am talking about the real deal, tactical stuff and how to make it happen. Let’s do those weekend trips. Let’s have a family game night or movie night. We should all know by now that things change and they can get worse or better. It is all about how we look at the situation. We can say that 2021 is going to be more of the same, or you can say the hell with it, we are going to do this. As far as I’m concerned, there isn’t anything happening in politics or a pandemic or the economy or any other major world affair that is going to stop you from sitting at a table and spending time with your family. The only reason that it’s not done is that you don’t have the time. 

Well, let me let you in on a secret. We all have the same 24 hours in a day and how YOU CHOOSE to spend them is up to you. I hear people say that I am always busy and my calendar is always full, and yes that is right, but I also have the ability to say no, reschedule that meeting, go in advance, or block out time on my calendar, and so 
do you.

This year, skip the process of sitting around thinking of resolutions and think of two things: one of them being something you can do with your family every month and two being something you can do with your family every week. Great, now grab your phone and create a weekly, repeating event on your calendar and block out the time every week for it. Then, do the same thing for the monthly event. Look, now you have the time for it and no more excuses. When 2021 gets crazy, you will have a solid foundation to fall back on. Remember, you got through 2020; you can do anything. And when people ask you what your New Year’s resolution is, you can tell them you have a family plan instead. 

Trust me, you can sit around being upset about all these world events, and I do understand, some of these things are downright bad and some are very scary, but if you make the choice and commit to having something to look forward to in this new chapter, it will make things better. Just like a new semester in school, we all start out with an A and it’s our job to keep it. 

So remember that 2021 is an awesome year so far. It’s your job to keep it that way.

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