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Weather In Louisiana

Having been raised in Louisiana, I and many other fellow Louisianians understand just how unpredictable the weather can be. One day it will be blazing hot and the next you will need to dig up your winter coats from out of the attic. You wake up in the morning with three clothing options waiting at the front door only knowing which decision you will have to make after you crack open the door and stick a hand, foot, head, or pet outside to scout it out. 

Outfit number 1: Chacos, sunglasses, shorts, hate, sunscreen, and a t-shirt

Outfit number 2: Rain boots, jeans, t-shirt, umbrella, and a rain jacket

Outfit number 3: Winter boots, wool pants and socks, long sleeve shirt, a warm cap, scarf, and a thick jacket.

With these three outfits, you are now prepared for the three most common weather occurrences in this great state! A nice mid December day, you may be expecting frigid temperatures right? Wrong! You walk outside and somehow it’s in the mid to high eighties. Okay, no worries, you can now surely put up your winter coats and bust out the shorts and sandals again. Wrong again! You walk outside and temperatures are below freezing. Next day, stormy weather and humid air makes it nearly impossible to trudge through the day without a good pair of rainboots or a canoe. 

To live in this state, you have to be prepared for it all at any time. But hey, at least you can count on any weather being perfect gumbo weather.

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