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Unique Solutions for Unique Learners

Being accepted for who we are is something that many of us want in life. However, that want grows even more when it comes to our children, especially when our children are living with exceptional differences.

The students of Greater Baton Rouge Hope Academy are some of the lucky ones who are accepted for everything that makes them unique. In fact, they’re not only accepted for who they are as individuals, they’re celebrated for it.

Since 2007, Hope Academy has been providing this academically inclusive environment for students of all abilities. Whether the student has ADHD, learning differences, Down Syndrome, or is on the Autism Spectrum, Hope Academy reaches each student where they are through a practical learning experience. The school also has an on-site ABA clinic, Bridges Learning Solutions, for those who require this specialized therapy.

Teachers and administrators of the school are more than their job titles represent; they become like family to the students. The classes they provide at the school give students a unique opportunity for a hands-on experience to learn life skills that will help them beyond the classroom.

Through the school’s Kids’ Kafé, students learn all about running a business and cooking, and they even get the chance to make lunch for the school. Technology classes are always exciting, providing students with a chance to learn all about 3D printers (the school has two), coding, and robotics. Along with academics, students can join cheerleading, basketball, or even take music lessons, regardless of their level of athletic or musical abilities.

Greater Baton Rouge Hope Academy is providing unique solutions for unique learners. To learn more about them, visit them online at

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