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Thumbprint Flower Pots

It’s All Fun!

Put on an old t-shirt and get ready to get extra crafty this Mother’s Day. Let your kiddos sink their fingers (mostly their thumbs) into some paint to create these adorable flower pots. Decorate them with ladybugs, butterflies, or bumblebees, or let your little one’s creativity fly and let her create a design that she loves.



  1. Get your paints ready by putting a dime-sized amount of each color you are planning to use on a paper plate.
  2. With help from Mom or Dad (if it’s a surprise), use the permanent marker to draw a butterfly body on the pot. 
  3. Dip your thumb into the paint and press your painted thumb onto the pot four times, two thumbprints on each side of the butterfly body. Repeat the steps to make as many butterflies as you’d like!
  4. To add bumblebees, simply dip your thumb into the yellow paint and press it to the pot. Each thumbprint is the bee’s body. With your Sharpie, draw the bumblebee stripes, eyes, and antennae.
  5. To make a ladybug, follow the steps for the bumblebee but use red paint instead. Then, using your permanent marker, draw antennae and dots.

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