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The Importance of Life Groups

A life group is a group of your peers with whom, as the name suggests, you live together as a group. 

When you are down or having a rough time, they will meet you where you are and mourn with you. When you are celebrating high points in your life, they will lift you up. They will be the ones to keep you accountable throughout any situation. 

A life group typically meets up weekly or biweekly at an agreed upon location and time. There, they spend time catching up, diving into scripture, enjoying a meal, and often concluding with prayer and a time of fellowship. Now, every life group is unique; it all really depends on how the life group leader facilitates things. 

What makes every life group the same is who is at the center of it. When a group puts Jesus at the center of it, the importance of a life group becomes that much more apparent. You realize just how big of an impact that it is able to have on 
your life.

A life group is an essential part in one’s walk with Christ. It is only through being honest and open with yourself that true growth can occur. Sometimes, it is hard to be this honest and open with your pastors, parents, and people who are in a different stage of life than you. As a result, these things that you are dealing with remain in the dark. When you are fighting these battles alone, you will almost always end up losing. When you try to fight these battles without God on your side, you will also end up losing. 

By being involved in a life group, you now have access to a God-centered group of friends who are with you through thick and thin. This group of people do not care how much money you have; they do not care how popular you are, or what you bring to the friend group. They simply care about you and want to help you grow your relationship with God. 

I know just how positive of an impact that this can have on one’s walk with Christ. I have personally seen the fruit of a life group and why it is so important. A life group is not simply another group of friends. It is accountability; it is true genuine fellowship and lifelong friendships. 

Now that I have hyped it up so much, you are wanting to get involved in one yourself! Life groups are for everyone. There are groups for college students, high school students, and even parents, too. 

Whatever stage of life you are in, you should find people in similar stages as you. Whatever church that you go to, the pastors there should be able to direct you towards a suitable 
group and get you involved. If you are currently on a college campus, there are a plethora of campus ministries that are looking to get you plugged in. Once in this life group, remember that you can only get out of it what you put in. If you are honest and real, God can work wonders in your life through this life group.

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