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The First Last Day

Each school year brings new challenges, adventures, and friendships. The summers seem to get hotter and shorter each year, and my babies are not babies anymore. They have their own personalities, strengths, and struggles. They always argue that I have my favorite, but I really do not. Now throughout the day, I may get a favorite, but only because that is the one helping me and not making me want to pull my hair out.

How do I stop them from thinking I have a favorite? All my children are different in every way possible. I have one who is a rule follower, will work for money or for free depending on what the job is, and always does what is asked of him. One of them is a comedian, always wanting to make you laugh but waits until the last possible second to do anything. Then, my teen, she is just in full-on teen mode. I never know what mood I will get each day. However, she still talks to me about everything, so I will take her moods because I know it’s just a phase and hormones are running crazy.

I saw a TikTok the other day. It was about how we look at things as always being the first of something but also the last of the same thing. For example, my boys recently had their first last day of elementary school, as they will start middle school next year. It was also my daughter’s first day of school, but it is her last year of being driven to school. It has really made me think, and it encourages me to make the most of each day. Before I know it, they will all be out of the house and it will just be me and my husband.

So while we are getting back into our routines, homework, tutoring, after-school activities, and our Uber jobs, try to take a step back and remember that these days will not be around forever, and one day you will look back and miss the kids bickering and all those talks in the car while running around town.

Happy Back to School!

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