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Summer is Back

Well, it’s official–it’s hot as you-know-what. The little ones are out of school, we are looking for things to do, and that can only mean one thing: Summer is here, and we have about three months left to go.

Summer is a great time for our krewe. We like to travel, have friends over for pool parties, and get out and do things, and this year we are even more excited. We did not get a normal summer for the last couple of years, but I can already tell you this summer is gearing up to be one of the busiest ones.

I think we owe it to ourselves and our children to find new things to do and not just sit inside and watch TV. Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of times we need to sit around and do nothing so that we can recharge, but there is so much 
to do.

We live in one of the greatest states in the union, and there are so many things you can do that don’t cost any money–they only cost your time and energy. Too many times we use money as an excuse to not do things, which is a real and valid concern, but when there are things to do that don’t cost money, there is no good reason not to get out and do them with your family. 

Also, a pro tip is to allow your little one to bring a friend. Not only will they be more excited to go, but they will also get a built-in entertainment system, and then you’re not on entertaining duties 100 percent of the time (plus, now their parents owe you some time off). After all, you should be having some fun, too. So, grab a cooler and some sandwiches and load them up. You can do a single day trip and be back before the sun is done. Even if you are a little late, who cares? What matters is that you had fun.

Don’t allow this to be another summer where you look back at the end of it and wish you did more, and don’t let work or money be the reason you didn’t do more. You have 12 weeks of summer with your little ones this year, so, if you pick one thing every other week, that is 6 trips this summer. When was the last time you did six trips in three months? Get out there and have some fun! You might even discover a new you, and just think about how great your social media feed will look this summer. ■

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