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Spark Your Creativity: 3 Fourth of July Crafts

Celebrate Independence Day with these easy-to-make Fourth of July crafts. There’s a craft for every age, so everyone can show their support of the red, white, and blue this month.

White T-shirt
Fabric Paint (Red & Blue)
Paint Brushes

1. Paint the child’s handprint with blue paint. Then, place the child’s hand on the front, top left of the shirt. The blue handprint will represent the stars of the flag.
2. Next, using the red paint, paint stripes to the right of the handprint. Leave space between each red stripe to represent the white stripes.
3. Let the paint dry before wearing!

Courtesy of Crafty Morning

Bendy Straws
Rubber Bands
Blue and Red Paint

1. Stretch out the straws at the bendy part of the straw as far as they can go, and group them together in your hand.
2. Bend the straws so they are sticking out in a firework formation.
3. Have someone wrap a rubber band around the bottom of them as you’re holding them. Let go and put another rubber band right under the top.
4. Allow your kiddos to dip the straws into blue paint before stamping them onto your paper. Follow the step with the red paint, and you’ll have your fireworks.

Courtesy of Evelyn Romans

12-inch Box Wreath Frame
64 Clothespins
Spray Paint (red, white, and blue!)
10 Wooden Stars
White Craft Paint
Foam Paint Brushes
Rubber gloves
Hot Glue Gun
Wreath Hook, String or Ribbon

1. Divide the clothespins equally and spray paint the clothespins red, white and blue.
2. Spray paint the wreath frame red, white, or blue. Spray paint the small wooden stars white.
3. Clip the clothespins to the wreath.
4. Using the hot glue gun, attach the wooden stars to the blue clothespins on the wreath..
5. Use a wreath hook to hang the finished wreath.

This article was originally published in July 2024.

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