Sophie-Grace Segraves

When Sophie-Grace Segraves was in the first grade, she was diagnosed with dysgraphia, a neurological disorder that can impair writing ability and fine motor skills. A year later, she was diagnosed with Tourette Syndrome and Irlen Syndrome. With all of these obstacles placed before her, Sophie-Grace has managed to thrive, especially in her extracurricular activities.

“Growing up, extracurriculars have always been a challenge for me. Though there have been many challenges, I have archery, which has helped me in many ways,” she says. Sophie-Grace practices archery at Gotham Archery and Axe Throwing. Through her learning, she has improved her focus, work ethic, patience, social skills, and most of all, her confidence.

“Gotham Archery has definitely grown my love for this sport. They have taught me how to improve my shooting skills, how to take care of my bow, and fletch my own arrows,” she explains.

Sophie-Grace has excelled in the sport, earning an NFA State Championship and Team USA title. However, it hasn’t been easy. Sophie-Grace has put in extra hours of practice, fine-tuning her skills. While she has accomplished a lot already, she has remained humble throughout her experience.

Sophie-Grace’s mom describes her as wonderful, competitive, compassionate, and humble. She has overcome many difficulties in order to be where she is today, but her determination has pushed her to succeed. Sophie-Grace is simply one amazing kid. ■

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