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School’s Out

School is out, and now, the fun begins. Well, maybe it’s not so much fun for me, as I feel like I just became a glorified Uber driver for my kids. However, it’s officially the start of summer camps, pool parties, sleepovers, beach trips, and any other vacations happening over the next few months. 

I know my children have been counting down the days until we get to the beach. We made it through a busy May full of teacher gifts, class gifts, final room mom duties, final soccer games, parties, and dance recitals. For my family, the day of the recital is what determines the day we leave for the beach each year. We probably go to the beach four times a year. The beach trips are often just a weekend here and there during the school year, and of course, a trip during our summer vacation. 

This year, though, I have been inspired by our June issue to find another venue to take my family to at the end of July before school starts again. While planning this issue, we looked at several options for summer travel–from traveling abroad to spending the night in a museum, aquarium, or zoo across the country. 

In this issue, we also provide tips on how to let go of the guilt when taking a vacation with your spouse. Luckily, my husband and I have learned how to get over the guilt a long time ago. We have taken many parentcations by extending our work conference trips a day or two early and after. This has allowed us to re-energize and reconnect, which I think is so important for you to have a healthy marriage. We are 19 years strong!

This summer, my family and I are looking forward to another summer of fun together. Whether you decide to stay home this summer, or send your kids to any of the amazing local or overnight summer camps, I hope you enjoy this time with your kiddos.


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