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Salem, Massachusetts

Distance from Baton Rouge: 1,604 miles
Flying Time: 3 hours, 20 minutes
Driving Time: 24 hours
Coordinates: 42.5195° N, 70.8967° W

Salem, Massachusetts is mostly known as the location of the Salem Witch Trials, a time in which hundreds of people were accused of practicing witchcraft in the late seventeenth century. There may not have been any real witches in colonial Salem, but, today, the city is a hugely popular travel destination in October for all things Halloween. While some members of your family may love haunted houses and spooky tales of witchcraft, others may prefer a more laid-back approach to this fall getaway. Don’t be afraid–from museums, to historical landmarks, to not-so-scary tours, Salem has plenty of treats (and no tricks) for all ages.



In a town of hauntings and mystery, the Hawthorne Hotel provides class and comfort for those who dare to explore. Hawthorne Hotel has been around since 1925, providing you with classic furnishings and historic views along with modern amenities. In October, it hosts The Hawthorne Hotel Halloween Costume Ball and other Halloween-related events your family can attend during your stay. Your pet can join in on the fun, too, as the Hawthorne is pet friendly. Halloween weekend books quickly for hotels in Salem, so it’s best to grab a room as early in the year as possible.


Turner’s Seafood at Lyceum Hall 

Turner’s Seafood at Lyceum Hall is your go-to seafood stop in Salem. With lunch, dinner, an oyster bar, and a seafood market, you’ll have plenty of choices for your pescetarian cravings. Start with an appetizer of crab cakes or stuffed clams before venturing to the entrees. Though they have seafood dishes like lobster pie and grilled salmon, they also have chicken pasta, steak, and burgers for those in your group that may not want to eat seafood.

Adriatic Restaurant & Bar

Hungry for some Mediterranean cuisine? Adriatic Restaurant & Bar has a large selection of tasty, seasonally-inspired dishes for you to choose from. Snack on the highly recommended grilled meatballs as you decide on an entree: the four cheese ravioli, eggplant parmesan, or the house-favorite risotto with shrimp. Don’t forget to check out the flat breads, too!

Howling Wolf Taqueria

At Howling Wolf Taqueria, you’ll be feeding your wolf pack classic Mexican dishes made from scratch each day. Of course, you have to have chips and salsa for the table before the rest of your meal. Some “Wolf Favorites” include carne asada, pollo con chorizo, and steak tips. You can also choose from a variety of quesadillas, enchiladas, burritos, specialty tacos, and chimichangas.



The House of Seven Gables was the inspiration for Nathaniel Hawthorne’s 1851 novel of the same name. The house itself was built in 1668 by a Salem sea captain named John Turner I and his wife, Elizabeth, and it has been preserved thanks to Caroline Emmerton’s efforts beginning in 1908. In 2007, it was named a National Historic Landmark District, and it is a nonprofit museum you and your family can visit as you explore Salem’s history. Despite being nearly four centuries old, The House of Seven Gables looks just like the way it did when it was originally built, and it remains a popular spot for the education of visitors and locals alike.

There are lots of scary sights in Salem during Halloween. For something a little more family friendly, there is the Salem Kids Slightly Spooky Tour. This tour lets you travel through time with ghost stories, historical facts, and scenic routes without any of the blood, gore, or jump scares that come with some Halloween attractions. The tour is run by Salem Kids Tours, which strives to educate young minds with a passion for history and storytelling. Of course, parents are welcome to join, too!The Peabody Essex Museum features more than 1.8 million works with collections from America, Asia, and Africa, along with 22 historic buildings and two libraries with over 4 million texts. It is the oldest museum in the United States that is continuously operating and collecting. There are three campuses; the main campus, with 33 buildings, is in Salem, the second campus is 15 miles away in Rowley, Massachusetts, and the third campus is virtual. That being said, this is an extraordinary art museum that will be an unforgettable part of your trip to Salem.

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