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Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic

Want to know something ironic? I absolutely hated reading when I was younger and in school, but look at me now, publishing magazines and reading books instead of scrolling through social media. I never thought that this would be my career path. I mean, I barely passed my English classes! Here in Louisiana, we are ranked 5th for illiteracy amongst adults, and this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Literacy is the ability to read, write, speak, and listen in a way that lets us communicate effectively. Literacy starts at home, and with so many adults struggling, how are we supposed to fix this problem? I mean, reading often gets labeled as “not fun.” The schools often force students to read books in order to take tests. Instead of taking handwritten notes, children are typing on keypads. How are we supposed to get these children wanting to read and write? Most schools are still not teaching cursive. What is this next generation going to do when they need to sign their name?

I know as a mom, I struggle with all of this when it comes time for homework. Remember the witching hour for your baby? Well, I have the homework hell hour with my twins. I want to scream and rip my hair out some days. I have had to learn new ways of math, remember all the different types of nouns and verbs, and then there are the chapter books. Luckily, my husband is helping me with the books; we tag team it. If he sees me struggling, he takes the reins and finishes it so I don’t end up with one less child!

How do I force them to want to read, especially since it’s not a book that they picked out? Well, here are a few things we have started that maybe you can do if you struggle in this area. Cooking or baking requires them to read the directions. Playing board games also has instructions and cards to read. If they want to know about something, they will go ask Alexa, and then read what she finds for them. Making them write their Bible verses, spelling words, or vocabulary on index cards also helps. Just these few things are encouraging them to read and write with no hair-pulling or screaming on my end.

Happy New Year, and Happy Reading!

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