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Parkview Baptist Band Performs in Renovated Courtyard

After months of preparation and hard work, the band bowed and their audience cheered. It was strange by all reasonable standards, but strange had found its way to become the new standard this school year. In partnership with Parkview Baptist Church, the Parkview Baptist School 5th-12th band performed their Christmas concert in the school’s newly renovated courtyard under a beautiful night sky amidst festive lighting and decorations. Of course, with Coronavirus worries and restrictions to consider, plans had been altered from the original plan.  

Due to COVID-19 restrictions in the first quarter, the band was both green and rusty, having had little opportunity to perform outside of a few football games. Band directors Sean Bramley and Paige Riley viewed the situation as a unique opportunity for growth. Instead of questioning if there should be a Christmas concert, their attention was on how the concert could take place.  Taking advantage of the lovely new courtyard, they agreed that having an outdoor performance was the best solution. The church supported the performance in the form of sound equipment operated by church sound technicians. In addition, the church musical minister, along with a supporting pianist, served as talented stand-ins for the absence of the planned choir. The audience was encouraged to sing along to the vocal components of the program and did so with warm hearts.

When asked about the Christmas in the Courtyard performance, Mr. Bramley commented that the goal of the show was “to turn bitter chocolate into hot chocolate.” The performance was surely a success and has paved the way for another performance later this year, hopefully without as many challenges but still with high spirits.

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