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Out and About with Jami and Katrina

Baton Rouge’s very own dynamic duo, Jami Redmond and Katrina Liza, are the Capital’s most sought-after influencers. Through video, live reports, and tutorials, Jami and Katrina are going exploring to share what’s new in Baton Rouge and the surrounding areas.

Together, Jami and Katrina take Baton Rouge by storm. They hunt to find you the latest and greatest in food, fashion and fun, and this year, they plan to bring you one-on-one interviews by going “out and about” to find the juicy inside information on their favorite people and places, right here in Baton Rouge. For them, getting to know the faces behind these local establishments help to bring them a sense of what a brand is as a whole. Forming that trusted connection is exactly how Jami and Katrina determine who and what they decide to share with the readers of Baton Rouge Parents Magazine.

Baton Rouge can sometimes feel like a small city in comparison to other larger cities. However, Jami and Katrina want to show you just how booming Baton Rouge is with new and flourishing ideas and establishments that seem to be popping up around town daily! 

The duo is relatable and real. You can count on them to tell you what’s hot and what’s not. The two have also been racking up followers by being their truest selves on social media and showcasing just how special living in Louisiana is, along with providing real reviews. They wouldn’t recommend anything to you that they would not use themselves. So, without further ado, it’s time to finally meet Jami and Katrina!

Jami Redmond
Jami is a slay-at-home mom and 225 socialite. If we had a Housewives of Baton Rouge, she would be starring in it! She is married to Coy, of Coy’s Diesel, and has a vibrant five-year-old son named Cash Coy. Jami has been a business owner for most of her life. She studied journalism at LSU and is a trusted influencer in the community. She has had businesses ranging from boutiques and multiple Merle Normans, and she currently co-owns Coy’s Diesel. She loves the finer things in life like luxurious travels, but she truly enjoys spending time with her friends and family at home. Instagram: @Coys_Wifey 

Katrina Liza
Katrina is a three-time award winning makeup artist, hailing from New York. She is engaged to be married this year, and she has an eight-year-old daughter named Charli Rose. Her incredible work has allowed her to travel all over the country, and her work can be viewed anywhere from Seventeen Magazine to Netflix. Katrina has grown a dominant social media presence that has accrued a large following for her avant-garde makeup and fashion forward looks. Instagram: @_TheMakeupDoll

We’re happy to have Jami and Katrina sharing all of Baton Rouge’s fun with you. Get ready to go out and about with Jami and Katrina each month. Jami and Katrina are always searching for great Baton Rougeans to feature and places in Baton Rouge that can’t be missed. If you have ideas, be sure to reach out to, and follow the fun at #jamiandkatrina on social media. 

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