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You know, when I think about taking a vacation, it usually includes my feet in the sand, listening to the ocean, lots of sunscreen, and watching my kids play in the waves. I am a beach momma and will go any chance I can get. However, my husband recently had a board meeting he had to attend in Wyoming. What was I going to do in Wyoming while he worked? Everyone said, “You have to go.” Everyone would also say it’s the most amazing place and it’s on their bucket list to visit, but seriously? Jackson Hole, Wyoming?

After a little research and soul searching, I decided it was best to go on this week-long adventure with my husband. Let me tell you, this place is magestic! From the moment we got off the airplane, we were surrounded by mountains, and wildlife was everywhere. As our Uber took us to the hotel, we just took in the scenery, barely saying a word except an occasional, “Wow, look how gorgeous.”

You know, I don’t think my husband and I have had a vacation alone for seven days straight since before we had kids. It was so nice to just enjoy time with each other without hearing, “Mom, momma, MOM!” While he worked, I found stuff to do, from white-water rafting, wine tastings, driving up mountains, and exploring Yellowstone National Park. I had never done anything like this before. I was not looking forward to leaving the amazing weather and beautiful scenery.

I guess what I am trying to say is, your relationship with your spouse needs times like these. I know it is a struggle to get the kids taken care of with keeping all of their after school or school activities covered, but your children watch your relationship and they learn from you. When you are in a healthy, happy relationship, I believe they will seek the same in their future.

Thank you KK and Papaw for keeping my crew for our trip.


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