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Oh, Christmas Tree

Finally, we have made it to the last month of the year. I know I mentioned months ago that April is my favorite month because of everything we celebrate, but during Christmastime, I shine. I love pulling down all the decorations and planning out what will go where. I like to randomly buy new things throughout the year, so my collection has really grown. I enjoy hosting all of the Christmas parties for dance teams, the office, friends, and family. I was born to host parties. Well, I feel that way in December!

We put up five Christmas trees every year. Yes, that sounds crazy, but I do have my reasons behind each one. The one in my dining room is in honor of Munner. This tree is decorated by my daughter each year. It has all of the old wooden ornaments, gold bulbs, and colorful lights, and is topped with a very old angel. It is how I try to keep her memory alive during the season. The second, third, and fourth are for my kids. These trees are only three feet tall each, and they can decorate them however they want with all of the handmade ornaments they have made over the years at school. They each have their own tub so we can keep all of their ornaments separate and continue to add to each December.

Finally, there is my tree. I am so overprotective of my tree. Why? I have no clue! I like to specially place the ornaments and plan where each ribbon or poinsettia goes. I want pure perfection on my tree. This tree is nine feet tall and is the centerpiece of my living room. It’s my pride and joy each year. I guess thinking about it, I can’t really control much during December. Everything goes so fast, and we forget the reason for the season. Tension and stress are at such high levels, and the one thing I can control is my Christmas tree. 

Am I the only crazy momma out there who does this? Email me; I would love to hear your Christmas tree traditions.

Merry Christmas from my family to yours! 

P.S. I do this every year and my kids love it, so if you are looking to change things up, try this. Each of my children get their one and only color wrapping paper. I wrap their gifts in this paper and they have no clue which paper is theirs until Christmas morning. The anticipation is so much fun!

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