Ochsner 65 Plus Clinic

If you are part of the generation that has kids of their own and also aging parents, you can find yourself quite overwhelmed. On one hand, you are juggling the responsibilities of a parent. You feed your children, drive them places, take care of their overall health, and ultimately bear the responsibility of raising them to a point where they are able to move out of the house and take care of themselves. That alone is a huge and time-consuming responsibility. On top of that, you may have aging parents whose health can be concerning as they begin to lose more and more of their ability to take care of themselves. They raised you, and as their child, you may feel responsible for supporting them during this time instead of just putting them into a nursing home and forgetting about them. This is a very honorable thing to do for your parents who have raised you, but it doesn’t make it easy having to parent up as well as down. Juggling so much can make it so that you easily overlook some major health concerns in your parents.

Ochsner’s new 65 Plus Clinic can help you help your parents with its holistic approach to medicine and personalized individual patient care that seeks to solve issues, not just identify them. With appointments that aren’t rushed and a team of healthcare workers with a variety of experiences and wisdom, you can always count on the staff here to be actively working towards a solution.

In addition to physical health concerns, this new clinic also cares very passionately about mental health. A really big problem for the elderly population is the need to be occupied. When there are so many barriers that isolate them from their hobbies and loved ones, they begin to feel socially isolated, which can be very detrimental to one’s mental health. This, in turn, will affect their physical health. At the clinic, there is a community center where they can enjoy a variety of activities ranging from wellness classes to social events. This includes things like arts and crafts, cooking demonstrations, card games, guest speakers, chair yoga, group fitness classes, immunizations, infusions, and hearing and vision screening. Giving elderly men and women a safe space to interact with one another and staying active is a very important aspect of their overall health.

This new clinic will be opening its doors on Sept. 27 and is fully prepared to accept patients and help them navigate their health!

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