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New Year, New Plans

A new year brings lots of ideas on things you want to change for the year. I have learned not to set resolutions because they always seem to fail. Instead, set small attainable goals for yourself. For instance, work out three days a week, and by February, bump to four days a week. Meal prep and stop ordering food delivery to work. These two things alone will help my heart and my bank account. However, this year, I am setting a new goal: time for myself.

My biggest challenge is being a busy mom to three kids who constantly have places to be and things to do. I mean, once school is over at 3 p.m., it’s rush home, get the homework done, go drop one off at dance, come home, and figure out dinner. Some days include soccer practice, or I have to go to dance to bring my daughter dinner in between her teaching and her actual classes. Sometimes I’ll have to read with each boy for 20 minutes, making sure their iPad homework is done. Then it’s time to pick up the tornado that blew through at 3:30 p.m., getting uniforms out for school, packing lunches, picking up my daughter from dance or sending someone to get her, watching a show with my boys, getting all the kids to bed, then finally, getting a little time with husband before I crash for the night. This is just one day in my house! 
Each day brings different challenges that I am supposed to make work. While most of the time I get it all done, putting an effort into myself falls to the back. Am I ever going to make myself a priority with a crazy schedule like this? I’m trying!

I feel like I am getting better at putting things in my calendar, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t snooze them and forget. I really think that this is the best option to keep me on track, but I need a system to keep up with my notes, or random things that come to my brain throughout the day. I have notebooks, use Google Keep (the note-taking service), and Post-its. They are everywhere, which I am sure adds to my stress level! I feel stuck, but I know there is a solution to keeping my crazy brain on a schedule. 

What do you use? Do you have any tips or tricks that work for you? I would love to hear what keeps you on schedule and allows you to keep your family, work, and self on track. I’m determined to reach my goal this year.


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