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National Zoo Keeper Week

The zoo is a staple destination for a fun and educational day with the entire family. Whether your kids are really interested in learning about the conservation efforts of various animals or just really want to see their favorite animal in person, the zoo is great for everyone thanks to the hard work and effort of the zookeepers who help care for and educate the public on the various animals that live at the zoo. This year, from July 18-24, celebrate these hard working individuals as we recognize National Zoo Keeper Week! Celebrate this week by visiting your local zoo and make sure to give the zookeeper’s there an extra special thank you for all their hard work and passion for taking care of all the animals! Read about zoos and tell your kids about what it would take to pursue a career in zoo keeping! Learn some fun facts about zoos and see if you can test the zookeepers next time you go! For example, did you know that the San Diego Zoo is frequently nominated as one of the world’s best zoos! Also, another interesting fact is that the first zoo in the United States opened in New York! You may be thinking, “what’s so important about this week?” Well, it’s important to appreciate anyone, so why not appreciate your hard working local zookeepers? They do so much more than we think ranging from keeping the animals safe to educating you and other visitors! So this week, take advantage of the time you have and take your family on a fun-filled, educational, family bonding experience at your local zoo!

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