Family Life

Namisha Patel Vasanji

Occupation ▪ Attorney
Husband ▪ Vishal
Children ▪ Jaylen, 8; Ria, 6; and dog, Milli, 5
Hobbies ▪ Watching TV, eating, and spending time with family

Namisha Patel Vasanji leads a busy life. As a wife, mother of two, attorney, and president of the Junior League of Baton Rouge, she can often be seen around town, going from one event and activity to the next. 

Although her schedule is usually very busy, she’s actually big on staying home and enjoying some peace and quiet on the couch. Namisha describes herself as an extroverted introvert, which a lot of people don’t know about her, because spending time at home with her family while in her pajamas is what she truly enjoys the most.

How would you describe raising your children?
It’s super busy. I’m the current president of the Junior League, so it’s really a team effort between my husband and myself. He lets me sleep in, and he does the morning routine since I’m not a morning person. We really live our lives around our kids.

What do you like to do as a family?
We enjoy inflating an air mattress in the living room, making a charcuterie board, and watching movies. We also love going to the grocery store together, and spending time outdoors.

What’s the greatest thing about being a mom?
To watch the humans you created become mini versions of you. It’s amazing to see their faces light up when they finally get something that they have been struggling with. 

How has parenthood changed you?
Parenthood broke me. Before, I was selfish and materialistic, and parenthood taught me patience. Also, to not be scheduled because things are just going to happen.

What career did you want to pursue when you were a kid?
I wanted to be a doctor but the years of schooling scared me. My parents said I always had an answer and an argument for everything, so in my second year of college, I realized that becoming an attorney was my true passion.

What do you love most about your job?
I love the people I work with, my job, and my boss. He has been so patient with me. I practice family law and it has really been such a rewarding career for me.

How do you make time to relax?
Relaxing comes when the kids go to bed and I watch TV. We have so many schedules to juggle, so my husband and I make it a point to spend time together. We have to for our sanity.

What’s your favorite date night?
Going to New Orleans and hanging out at a hole in the wall restaurant just catching up on life.

What kind of mom are you?
It depends on the child. My oldest is a mama’s boy. I am a helicopter mom with him. With my daughter, she is a mini version of me, so I am tougher. She is strong and opinionated and she’s going to be a phenomenal woman.

What do you hope to instill in your children?
Have good morals and values, and be strong and independent. Do what’s right and be successful, not in terms of money, but in terms of happiness.

What’s the best parenting advice you have ever received?
Just let it go. Everything may not be perfect, but your kids are alive, they have clothes on their backs, and everything’s okay. Just let it go.

What personality trait of yours do your children also have?
Stubbornness and not willing to take no for an answer. Also, they have determination and a willingness to help others.

Which family members have been your greatest role models in life?
My parents. They started with nothing and they worked every day and sacrificed so much for us. To watch them enjoy life now is amazing. I wish I could be half the mom my mom is.

Do you have any advice for other parents?
Enjoy this time with your young ones. They grow up so fast and one day they will go from fighting in the backseat to having earbuds in and not even talking to one another. Hearing “Mommy, Mommy, Mommy,” over and over will eventually stop, so enjoy this time–the good, the bad, and the ugly.

The parenting item I couldn’t live without…
In my fridge, you will always find…wine and milk.
Favorite movie growing up…Parent Trap.
My guilty pleasure is…trash TV and a bowl of Froot Loops.
Music I’m loving…Sam Smith, Taylor Swift, a lot of Pandora top hits, and Whitney Houston.
I feel my best when I…take care of myself.
My favorite television show is…All of the Real Housewives, This is Us, and The Voice.
My favorite ice cream is…Bubblegum from Baskin-Robbins.

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