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Busy and rushed is now my new everyday life. With deadlines to meet, priorities to set, meetings to attend, dance class, soccer practice, and lately, being my kids’ personal Uber driver, there isn’t any time for anything else.

National news incessantly talks about the same topics every single night and it makes my head spin. It’s as if conclusions are never going to come. To be honest, it almost feels like it’s a waste of time to tune in because it’s the same topic just on a different day. While these topics are all important, it’s hard to see an end or even focus when I have three children running around. I end up checking out because I have bigger fish to fry at the moment, and they’re usually all things surrounding my children. 

I think most parents would agree with me that we mostly care about our children, all day every day. Their overuse of social media, Internet safety, education, unhealthy eating, lack of physical activity, and the high rate of violence on the local level is of interest to us. Making sure that my children are safe and thriving is always a priority, so I was happy to hear that our legislators have made progress during the latest session. 

The requirement of children being age five to start kindergarten is amazing and puts us with 19 other states who require this. Also, the Steve Carter Literacy Program goes into effect this month. This law that Governor John Bel Edwards signed in June provides “eligible students” up to $1,000 per school year for eligible services intended to improve reading or literacy skills. This is definitely news that’s great for this mama to hear. I’m also really looking forward to seeing how education improves over this next year in Louisiana.

While it may feel like some issues will never be resolved, I’m thrilled that we are progressing at the local level. And while I may not be tuning in everyday to hear the national news, I will be tuning in to my twin boys as they explain how to hook a worm on a fishing line and how they wait for the cork to twitch to catch that big ‘un, or when my daughter is asking for my opinion of the toe polish she should choose–either ‘snow white’ or ‘head over heels’ pink. This will always be my favorite type of news.

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