Family Life

Micki Collins

Occupation ▪ LSU’s Director of Athletic Training
Husband ▪ Ken
Children ▪ Granger, 11, and Gia, 7
Hobbies ▪ Shopping, spending time with friends, traveling, and working out

Micki Collins was born and raised on a farm in Iowa. There, she worked with the animals and enjoyed living her life as a small town girl.

However, Micki had big dreams and she chased them all the way to LSU, where she went to school to earn her master’s degree in sports pedagogy. 

Micki worked with the LSU women’s basketball team before moving to LSU football. And although she often gets to experience victories with the Tigers on the field, it’s the time with her family that she adores.

How would you describe raising your children?
I am a mom who has found a village. I realized early on that I needed to have a village. With my job, I have really long and crazy hours, so I just started making a village. It works for us. I’ve been very blessed to have really good people to help. 

What do you like to do as a family?
We have family fun days where we’ll go to a movie or play a game. During quarantine, we would sit on the front porch and play with the dogs. Because of my job, we don’t get a lot of quantity, but what we get is quality.

What’s the greatest thing about being a mom?
I feel like I’m a mom to 100 other people because of my job. I think the greatest thing is knowing that you are molding someone who is contributing to society and is going to do big things, whether personally or professionally. It’s awesome to watch them develop and grow and see how their mind works.

How has parenthood changed you?
I think patience. My husband would probably still say I lack it, but it has taught me patience. It has also given me grace on myself. I realize that I can only do the best that I can do; that’s all that I ask for my kids, so that’s all I can ask for myself.

What do you love most about your job?
The relationships that you build. You get to be around some guys for an important time in their lives. During the season, I am here for maybe 12-13 hours a day, but it’s worth it knowing that you’re impacting somebody.

What has your job taught you about parenting?
As much as you try to plan and want things to go perfectly, you have to be prepared to pivot.

How do you make time to relax?
I get up early in the morning to work out and walk my dogs. That’s my time. During quarantine, I would sit on the front porch forever and just watch the dogs. It’s peaceful; you center your day that way.

What’s your favorite date night?
We love Chimes. We will go drink wine and eat bad food. That was our first date, so whenever we need to reconnect, that’s what we do.

What kind of mom are you?
I’m a very loving mom, but I’m also a realist. I’m very upfront and honest with them.

What’s something you hope to instill in them?
To follow and pursue your dreams. I worked hard to do this job and I want them to know, whatever you want to do, you can.

What’s the best parenting advice you have ever received?
What your kids really want from you is time, quality time. That’s something that I learned. I get a lot of guilt over the lack of time I give to them, so that’s why I make it a priority to give them quality time because I know the quantity isn’t there. Just that time can solve a lot of issues.

Which family member has been your greatest role model in life?
My mom and my dad. I’m a lot like my father. We have a lot in common, but my mom is the rose-colored glasses person. She’s made me realize that we should look for the positive. 

Do you have any advice for other parents?
I can’t stress enough how important it is to build your village. When I’m having a bad day, to know that I’m not a perfect mom and that there are other moms who aren’t perfect either helps. Moms, we do the scheduling, we know what foods they’re supposed to eat, when lunches need to be packed; moms hold all of it. It can be really stressful and there are a lot of pressures that come with being a mom. We feel like we have to do everything and so, although we want to do everything, it’s good to know other people fail, too. It’s good to see that other moms are like us. It’s so important to have a judgement free zone of friends who understand. 

The parenting item I couldn’t live without…
my phone.
In my fridge, you will always find…wine.
Favorite movie growing up…My Girl.
My guilty pleasure is…cookies and cream ice cream.
Music I’m loving…90s hits.
I feel my best when I…work out.
My favorite television show is…Ozark.
My favorite ice cream is…I’ll eat any ice cream, but I love me some cookies and cream ice cream.
My dream travel spot is…Fiji.

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