Matthew Bui

Matthew Bui can solve a Rubik’s Cube in 40 seconds, although his best time ever is 17 seconds. His older cousin taught him just last year, so Matthew’s progress on solving the 3-D puzzle is dazzling.

“It took me awhile, like two hours sitting with him to learn,” Matthew says. “I still solve it today because I find it to be a good hobby and a good way to pass the time.”

A 17-year-old junior and recent transfer student to Scotlandville Magnet High School, Matthew found that the Rubik’s Cube was a great ice breaker. “It gets me a lot of attention,” he says. “I didn’t really know anybody, so I pulled out a Rubik’s Cube and started solving it to pass the time. Because of that, some people talked to me.”

After learning himself, Matthew taught his little sister, Madison, how to solve the puzzle too. “I got too fast for her, so she doesn’t want to compete anymore,” he says. Matthew has an older sister, Michelle, and his parents are Michael Bui and Van Pham. Another family pastime is bowling, and Matthew’s best score is 212.

Matthew attends Scotlandville’s engineering academy and plans to study electrical engineering at LSU. Matthew has taken part in robotics and programming competitions at Southern University. “I didn’t know anyone on my team (at first), but because of the competition, we’re now good friends.”

Whether gaming on his self-built computer, promoting his school as a student ambassador or improving his Rubik’s Cube solution time, Matthew is definitely one amazing kid.

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