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Making Time

As a mom of three very active children and a wife to a husband who doesn’t know how to say, “no,” it’s hard to find the time to do anything that is out of the norm. Currently, we are in full swing of dance competitions and practices, getting ready for recital, and a lot of new transitions as my daughter wraps up middle school. The boys have begun soccer practice, and games will also be taking up our weekends. I love being a dance mom and a soccer mom despite the busy schedule. I get the best of both worlds.

However, as busy as I am, I was determined to make a day trip happen recently. It is not often that one of my sisters comes down south. We often try to meet up midway for summer trips, but as the kids get older, the summers are now filled with travel ball and dance. My sister has her own four kids who have their own activities, her husband has the farm to attend to, and not to mention she is a nurse! Still, I was determined. I knew the upcoming dates, and had it in my calendar to somehow make it work. Well that week started filling up quickly. Literally every single day had something that couldn’t be missed. 

Again, I was determined. Although we had just gotten back home from Biloxi the day before (there was a dance competition), we were off to Biloxi to meet up with the family. My sister and her crew had booked a room at the same hotel we were just at, and then, my dad decided he would come down also. My other sister (who lives here) and I added two car seats to my car, loaded up the five kids, and we left for this quick little journey to meet them.

Even though our trip was literally 24 hours from start to finish, getting to visit with my sister, her littles (well one is taller than me now), my dad, and step mom was just what I needed. I was exhausted the rest of the week because that was a lot of time in the car with kids in less than a week. However, thank goodness for my iPad hotspot. I often think about it now, and how it is nothing like the little road trips we would take. We would play the license plate game, cards, I spy, and who knows what else. Nowadays, they just need a little internet connection and they don’t make a peep.

I guess my point is, make the time, even if it’s 24 hours. All of the kids had a blast visiting with their cousins, and I enjoyed the family time, so all of the exhaustion was well worth it!


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