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Making Memories in Fall

Let me start by saying that this is not my favorite thing to do, but once the night unfolds, it is well worth it. So, in the same line of thinking, your children are only little once, and I think we need to, as much as we can, keep them young and curious, and have as much fun as we can with them. With that out of the way… 

Welcome to October and fall weather. As I write this to you, we have just gotten our first taste of fall, and I love it. This is the weather I live for. This year, my mission to you is simple, but maybe not so simple. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is not only to get out and have a wonderful fall, but get out and enjoy Halloween with your family. By that, I don’t mean just run out and buy your children a costume and walk behind them as they run through the neighborhood. 

Your mission is to be the fun parent(s) who make it more than just one night. Pick a family theme, have everyone dress up, plan the night together, and get the costumes early. Bonus points if you can make them. Doing this will bring so much joy to your children, as we all know, they love to play pretend and explore using their imaginations. When you embrace their world and take a break from your world, not only does it give you a chance to break away, it will light up their faces more than you can imagine. 

Again, you have plenty of time. Get your crew together and have some fun. It will take some time to find a theme that everyone agrees on, and you may have to go to a bunch of stores to find all you need. However, take that time, and bring the little ones with you. If yours are like mine, once that age of 13 comes around, they are off with their friends and you’re stuck with a: “Peace out, Dad. See you later! We are going to the neighborhood where they give out full-size candy bars.” Side note: How has this urban legend not died? Has anyone ever found this place?

Alright, last challenge, once you have gotten your crew together, head over to and upload a picture. Have your friend vote for you and your family, or their own family. You can fight that battle. The crew with the most votes in early October will receive a great prize pack.

Let’s make some memories together. 

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