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With a background in special education and social work, Anne Hindrichs, LCSW joined the incredible staff of McMains Children’s Developmental Center in 1988. She has been with McMains, wearing a variety of hats, for over the last 30 years. Hindrichs became the Executive Director in 2017 and shares that the people and the staff are what truly make the experience so special.

With her husband and her two children, Hindrichs and her family have volunteered many hours in helping McMains succeed. “We call it the nonprofit family. My husband does a lot of maintenance around here and my children have volunteered here. I truly couldn’t do it without their support,” she says.

McMains Children’s Developmental Center has been around for 67 years, created by a group of families who came together to start The United Cerebral Palsy Association of Greater Baton Rouge, Inc. It eventually expanded and became what we now know as McMains Children’s Developmental Center.

McMains provides physical, occupational, and speech and language therapy; assistive technology assessment and therapy; learning disability evaluations and educational therapy, family programs, and social work services. The center even provides a Capable Arts Camp, an annual canoe trip, the Wheels to Succeed program supported by the No Such Thing As Impossible Bike Ride fundraiser, and even an 
adapted garden.

“I don’t want anyone to ever miss out on something out there. I want them to be connected to what we do, but also the community, so we act as a resource for families,” says Hindrichs.

Hindrichs strives to be that bridge for all families because the families are what it’s all about. ”The families who come are some of the most resilient and amazing families. I love that they let us be a part of that. It’s hard to let people into your world and trust them and accept help. I have learned so much from them. The families and my staff are my biggest loves. I have a great staff. They’re very compassionate and really go above and beyond to help. It really becomes all of us working together to be able to help all of us become a little bit better,” says Hindrichs.

Hindrichs hopes to continue to expand McMains and provide even more for those in need, all while keeping that same family feel that McMains is known for offering. To learn more, visit


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