Larissa Boldor

Although she has only been tapping into her artistic side for the last two years, 12-year-old Larissa Boldor is already getting recognized for her work. Larissa attends Glasgow Middle, and through her art class, she entered the International Peace Poster Competition. Her poster helped her claim first place in the district and first place in the state competition. Next up? Her piece will compete in the international competition.

While the competitions are exciting, Larissa prefers to “hope for the best” and not focus too much on them. Larissa’s love of nature inspired her idea for her poster that depicts an apple tree. Instead of apples, the tree is filled with peace symbols. Larissa also included a dove holding an olive branch, where the leaves of the branch feature the flags from around the world.  

However, art isn’t the only area in which Larissa shines. She’s an incredible student (science class is her favorite), a hard worker, and an avid reader. Currently, her favorite book is Spin the Dawn

Larissa hopes to become a biological engineer, and she has a deep love for animals. “I like to think that if we understand the animals, the animals will become less threatening somehow. I think it’s very important to understand the world around you, not just observe it, and not take everything at face value,” she says.

Larissa is talented, intelligent, wise beyond her years, and simply one amazing kid. 

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