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Knowing These Tips Can Help Your Child’s Skin

In Baton Rouge, we do not get many weeks of cold weather, but when we do get that rare drop in humidity, our skin pays the price. Kids and adults alike have drier skin in the winter months; however those with underlying eczema have a worse time. Knowing a few skincare tips can make a big difference.

In the bath
Though we all love a soap that smells great, it actually makes dry skin worse! Choosing the right cleanser is important, so choose a mild, non-fragranced moisturizing cleanser, such as Dove or CeraVe. Avoid soaping dry skin areas unless obviously dirty. Try to avoid hot water and use a soft washcloth or hands to lather. Here’s the most important part; after a short soak, pat dry and IMMEDIATELY MOISTURIZE. Most of the bath’s moisture evaporates within three minutes, so get that lotion on quickly! 

So, about that moisturizer…

Now you know that the most important time to moisturize is just after bathing. It is also good to moisturize at least one more time each day, especially to the driest or itchier areas. For babies, a great plan is to just keep a bottle next to the changing table and apply with each diaper change. Ointments and creams are better than lotions, so good choices are Aquaphor, Vanicream, or CeraVe cream.

Don’t forget to avoid triggers!

Remember to avoid fragrance! Fragrance is the most common cause of irritation to sensitive and eczema-prone skin. That means no scented wipes, perfumes, scented deodorant, and even laundry detergent or fabric softener with fragrance. Avoid other skin preparations that are not recommended by your doctor, such as alcohol wipes, hydrogen peroxide, and harsh cleaning products.

These skincare tips for dry skin will usually take care of a little winter itch. Prescription strength lotions are sometimes needed, so be sure to see your dermatologist if these tips do not work for you! 

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Jessica L. LeBlanc, MD, FAAD


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