Jordyn Minor

Jordyn Minor is a 12th grader at the Dunham School who did not let her battle with cancer bring out her negative side but instead used it to highlight all the things that make her one amazing kid! Cancer is a very scary diagnosis for a nine year old. It is something adults sometimes struggle to deal with, but Jodryn handled it very well for her age. It has only helped her to mature faster and highlighted her kind and compassionate side as she has made it a priority of hers to include everyone and make them feel included! 

In her free time, Jordyn enjoys spending time with her friends. She also enjoys a chill day at the house, watching tv, and reading a good book. At school, she is involved in the track program and the Student Prefect Institution of Leadership where she serves in the connections committee. This committee helps students gear up for life outside of school by helping them to gain connections that will help them succeed in their future careers. 

For her own future, Jordyn is leaning towards majoring in exercise science and pursuing a career in physical therapy so that she can help others! When asked who she looks up to, Jordyn quickly chose her mom. She explains how her mom’s work ethic inspires her own. She is always working yet still somehow makes time for her family, and Jordyn hopes to mimic that herself! With that attitude, there is no wonder why Jordyn is this month’s One Amazing Kid!

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