Family Life

Jonathan Jackson

Jonathan Jackson is a 6th grader at Westdale Middle where he is trying to get a hang of life as a middle schooler. With an emphasis on compassion and respect that one does not typically find in boys his age, Jonathan just wants to bring smiles to people’s faces wherever he goes. 

Jonathan certainly dreams big as he hopes to become either a mayor or CEO of a company built on the premise of advancing the lives of youth as well as advocating and emphasizing respect and honor for our veterans. 

He is already getting a jump on things with his “No Fear Campaign.” This campaign hopes to advocate for veterans and young leaders by pushing for peace one conversation at a time all starting with a simple handshake. He recently graduated as the youngest ambassador of AMOA which is an organization built on diversity, empathy, and growth worldwide. 

In his free time, Jonathan likes to play video games and participate in a variety of different sports with his Pop Pop. He hasn’t had the chance to enjoy any extracurriculars at school yet, as he just started at Westdale and is trying to get the hang of Middle School and discover his interests. He does enjoy STEM and has taken many courses. He has even built a robot at home out of tin cans! 

With empathy for others and want to drive change, Jonathan is truly One Amazing Kid!

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