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It’s the Day Before the Hurricane, Everyday

We are all hanging out as a family every day. We have to learn new ways to work with each other and our children have to learn a new way to learn. We are rushing to get groceries, we’re seeing empty shelves, and we’re looking everywhere for toilet paper. I mean, this is a crazy time for all of us. I have told a number of people that I don’t think I have ever been this busy and had so little to show for it. A good friend of mine nailed it when he told me that everyday has felt like the day before the hurricane is supposed to hit.

We do need to all stay safe and do our part, and part of that is making sure we take advantage of one thing that this experience has given us: time with our family. Even in the summer when our children are out of school, we don’t get this time to spend with each other. We need to seize the moment to have a movie night every night, talk to each other, and play games together. We have many devices to be a gateway to the outside world–and these are good and needed–but now more than ever, we need to be able to set them aside and spend time with each other.

Use this time wisely, learn new things, and teach your children how to change a tire or fix a light switch. We live in South Louisiana, so some of you could teach your children how to drain the AC Pan. My point is that there are so many skills that our children are not learning because we are all so busy with our fast-paced lives. Now is the time we can change that. So, take some time each day, without the electronics, and teach them so they can learn something new. Then maybe in 20 years, you will talk about these days and how they brought you closer. Doing just this will lower that anxiety and slow down that hurricane-is-coming feeling. #StaySafe #LearnThings #COVID19

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