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It’s Crazy, but It’s Us

So, I was told we were going to a wedding. The keyword there is “told,” because I’m not the biggest fan of weddings. After all, I had mine almost 20 years ago. That was enough for me. Don’t get me wrong, I think getting married is great, but as Steve Martin said in Father of the Bride, “…A wedding is an entirely different proposition.” Anyway, the point of all this is, not only was I going to a wedding, but my whole family was going to a wedding, and not just down the street, but in Texas. So now, I’m looking at a wedding and a road trip with my whole group. That is a whole new level.

What started out as a wedding and road trip then turned into a weekend getaway and shopping adventure. After all, no one has clothes for a wedding, right? We all need something and there is never time to get it here in town, so let’s just do it there. So, we pack up for the weekend as if we are leaving for the moon and get everything into the truck. As you can guess, we are no more than five minutes down the road and it all starts: “When are we going to be there?” “I need a bathroom.” “Who has my charger?” “Why does the Internet not work?” You would think we were like the Israelites, wandering in the desert for 40 years, but in all actuality, we were just making a seven-hour car ride.

We finally make it there, and now, the fun starts, as we have to unpack, find ice, find food, find where to shop the next day, and discuss where everyone is going to sleep. Only after, do we then find out what we forgot and where we can get it. Once we are all settled, we get moving the next morning and head out to get clothes and shoes and all the things you need to be presentable at a wedding. Next, do we eat before or after? Will they have food? What if the little ones don’t like it? Do we Uber or drive? How do we make sure everyone is in a good mood so we are not having to babysit all night? These are just some of the questions in my mind as we start the getting ready process. 

We made it to the wedding, and it was great. The wedding ceremony was beautiful; the reception was even better. The food was great (I had two plates). My children loved it. They danced and had fun, and ran around all night long, and you know what? When I sat back at the table and watched my children and wife on the dance floor, and saw how much fun they were having with each other, that made it worth it. You see, we only knew the bride and her family, as she was so important in our lives and our children’s lives for years. This is why we were there. We did not know anyone else, so our family had to put our best foot forward and meet some new friends, have a great time, and get out of our bubble. You should try it. It made the money spent on the trip so much more than money spent on a trip. It was a chance for us to connect and talk for hours, and to pack into a little hotel room and meet new friends. It was an amazing experience, not just a wedding.

So, congratulations to Morgan and Enrique. Thank you for making us part of your special day and allowing us the opportunity to grow our family, as I will always remember your special day as one of our family’s special days. So, Dad, next time you get told you are doing something, guess what? You just might be doing something you will never forget. Get out and have some fun, and spend some time together. We are only with each other for a short amount of time. ■

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