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It’s Been Real

I’m not sure where to start this one, other than saying it depends on when you’re reading this. We are so close to the end, I can see it. And let’s face it, this is a great time of year, so this last month of 2020 should fly by.

We have all been through a lot this year–and I want to close the chapter on 2020 just as much as the next guy–but just moving to the new year, I don’t think it will be the switch that flips and makes it all better and all the bad things go away. However, with all the hard things we have had in 2020, I have to say there were some good things:

I could go on and on, not to mention all of the businesses that were able to change their model overnight and rise to help, whether that meant making masks or ventilators and PPE. There’s a lot of good in 2020. I think it all depends on where you focus your attention. For instance, I really don’t watch the news anymore and my day is much better. Not that there’s anything wrong with watching it, I need some of you watching it to let me know what I need to know at times, but I just feel there are better ways to spend my time, and I would rather focus on the good things that are going on. On the other hand, life’s not social media, as that is nothing more than someone’s highlight reel. What do I mean? Get out and go see people spend some time with each other. If anything, I hope 2020 has taught us all how fragile life is and how things can go wrong fast. As they say, the real troubles in your life are the things that blindside you on some idle Tuesday at 2 p.m. 

So, take this time to spend it with family and friends–even if it’s over Zoom or FaceTime–just make the effort. Also, stop focusing on all the bad and look for the good, because trust me, there is still a lot of good out there, and there is a lot of good to come. You just have to want to see it. 

So to 2020–it’s been real, it’s been fun, but it hasn’t been real fun. We will close this chapter and move on to 2021, and if it proves to be hard, just tell yourself, “I made it through 2020. I can do anything.” Oh yeah, Merry Christmas, too. ■

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