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How to Smartly Grocery Shop

Grocery shopping is often overwhelming between the chaotic parking lots and long check-out lines. There are also so many food selections, from the healthiest, to the most unhealthy thing imaginable. It’s easy to walk in and browse for hours, reading labels, trying to figure out what is needed, and throwing things in your cart that you will inevitably put back. When people think about going grocery shopping, they tend to shy away to avoid the stress it will put on them. However, there are things you can do to make the grocery shopping process a lot smoother. These are some ideas on how to efficiently go in and out of the grocery store while avoiding a mental breakdown.


The Obvious, Make a List!

When I go grocery shopping, I become lost in knowing what I will need for my kitchen. Suddenly, I forget what I even like to eat. You go in with a vague idea in your mind but leave feeling unsatisfied with the purchases made. There are meals you might like but without knowing exactly what is needed to make that meal, it could take hours to find what it may be. 

What can help this is coming up with a list of meals that you enjoy the most, ones you will eat within the next couple weeks, and making a physical list of the ingredients needed. It seems obvious, right? Make a list! Yet surprisingly, so many people skip this step just because they think they can remember it all, which often leads to things slipping from their mind. Many recipes include staple products that can be used in other meals, like salt, noodles, or even garlic. You could even find recipes that use similar ingredients to lessen the list, which will lower the overall price.

Making a list of exactly what you need will prohibit the habit of wandering for far too long. Instead of looking at different products, thinking “I may or may not need this,” you’ll be able to get in and out without a sweat. 


Tackling Which Brand to Buy

Even though you may know what product to buy, you can still find yourself looking at different brands of the same product. Trust me, this will only confuse you more. So how do we choose which brand is worth buying?

This can differ from person to person, whether it is price comparison or specific ingredients. So, honestly, go with what is best for you and your needs. Many brands will market the same exact product, yet bump up the price for the sake of it being a brand name. Don’t let this fool you! Store brands can be just as delicious as name brands! While it can be overwhelming to choose the brand, it’s important to go within your budget. Well, except meat, going cheap may not be the better option. Let’s try to avoid food poisoning. 

Also, go with what you know! If you like a specific brand of popcorn, why try a different brand that may not be of the same quality? Trying out different brands may not be the smartest decision for your bank account. Since there are so many options of the same exact product, go with your gut for your gut.


Skip the Line: The Gift of Delivery

Whenever I go to the grocery store, it surprises me at how there are only a few lines open, even on the busiest days. Many grocery stores are relying more on self-checkout, which can be an inconvenience if you are buying plenty of items. Waiting in line is the least fun part of going to the grocery store: your patience can run thin, it can take up so much time, and it is also just draining.

One of the magical gifts of modern technology is the ability to order groceries online! Don’t want to leave your car? Go online! Don’t want to wait in lines? Go online! This feature allows you to buy your list straight from your device, then you go to the store, and they bring your bags to you! How amazing is that? This will save you the hassle of lugging those bags into your car. Many grocery stores are turning to this alternative to avoid the chaotic lines of the stores. It also benefits you, the customer! Not only does it save you energy, it saves you time.

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