How I Spring Clean

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Once a year, it can be really helpful to deep clean parts of your home you may have neglected for some time. Whether it is going through old clothes and closets, or wiping down every dusty surface, maintaining a clean home can help calm the nerves. For me, cleaning is my at-home therapy! I love reorganizing and finding things I forgot I owned, or being able to get rid of unnecessary things taking up space. Cleaning is also a way to help with allergies by making sure all that pollen doesn’t get into your home! It may get overwhelming at certain points, but it definitely pays off when I can lie down and soak in the clean air. Here are some ways that I personally spring clean, that way if you feel lost, perhaps you can gain some inspiration! 

Knowing specifically what I am cleaning that day

I like to make lists of where I choose to clean that day. For example:

Knowing what exactly you want to clean will eliminate that overwhelming feeling of not knowing where to start. 

Using just a few products when cleaning

There are so many cleaning products out there, and many you may already own, but it doesn’t need to be that much! Luckily, many cleaning products have multiple uses, that way you don’t need to use a different product per surface or area.

Have fun while doing it! 

Using this time to jam out to my favorite records and dancing around like an idiot is one of the best parts of cleaning. You can put on a podcast or video while organizing to stimulate your brain from an otherwise mundane activity. Cleaning does not need to be boring!

If it isn’t trash, why not donate? 

Donating is a wonderful way to give back while getting rid of clothes or items you do not want anymore. It lets other people get the things they need at an affordable price! You can also sell your clothes and shoes on online marketplaces, but I prefer to donate to others who will need those clothes more than me. 

Eliminating clutter

Not sure if this item brings you joy? Try the famous Marie Kondo method of asking “Does this bring me joy?” If it doesn’t serve a purpose, or make you feel happy, then perhaps it is time to consider letting that item go. We often keep things for a long time for the sake of just having it, but that can be unhealthy as it clutters the space and clutters the mind. Trust me, I tend to keep items “just in case,” but let’s be real, I will probably never need it, or it will be a long time until I do. 

Cleaning can be fun, relaxing, and rewarding if you make it that way! Plus, afterwards, you will feel that wonderful sense of relief of finally being able to relax in a clean environment. You can do this process once every few months, or once a year to prepare for the changing of the seasons! How you clean is ultimately up to you and how you prefer to run your household. Enjoy it when you can!

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