How I handled Bullying

Bullying is a major problem that plagues schools throughout the entire country. Kids of all ages and backgrounds can be affected by it, yet not many people really know how to handle it. A lot of times, kids will suffer in silence thinking that is their only choice. They fear retaliation or a school administration that will fail to take adequate measures to put an end to the bullying. It’s reasonable as nowadays many schools fall short and bullies, when not faced with any consequences, will just retaliate harder. That was exactly why I never spoke out. When I first started at this new school, I spent the first two years being the punchline to everyone’s jokes. I didn’t know many of my peers and have yet to build any sort of relationship with administrators and teachers. 

So, for a while I chose to suffer in silence. It wasn’t until I had built a relationship with a teacher that things began to change for me. Throughout the years at this new school as I slowly began to settle in, I had finally begun to build good relationships with my teachers. One teacher in particular really became a great friend to me. She noticed my attitude shifts in her class and out and sat me down to talk with me. After a trusted adult showed that they cared, I was able to open up and things got better. She took the steps necessary to put an end to the bullying. There was no retaliation. There was no lack of action or delaying of it. When she found out that I was being bullied, she stepped in immediately. Disciplinary actions were taken and steps were taken to not only end it then but prevent it from happening again in the future. 

Now, not all situations are the same. I understand that. That doesn’t mean you do nothing. Doing nothing will only lead you further down a darker path. It’s important that you find an adult in your life that you trust and talk to them explaining the situation and what you fear. If you truly trust this person, they will help you. It’s going to be hard having to be that vulnerable, but it is going to be good for your overall mental and physical well being. Bullying is a tough battle to face but know you don’t ever have to go through it alone!

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