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Get Your Read On: How to Reach Your Reading Goals in 2022

If you are like me, you cannot believe that 2022 is actually here. Doesn’t that sound like a made-up year for a Dystopian novel? Now that we are starting fresh again, you may have set some intentions or goals for the year. Perhaps one of your aspirations is to read more. I completely support this project. As you contemplate how many books you want to read for the year, you may wonder how you can increase your reading. I am here to coach you up! Here are a few proven tips to enlarge your reading count. 

Join Goodreads and set a goal. Goodreads is a form of social media for book lovers. If you’ve never checked it out, I think you should. It’s a must for book goals. Through Goodreads, you can add friends and get notified about what they are reading. Goodreads also allows you to set a goal and keep track of the books you read. You can also rate and review them to add to the community. I find Goodreads to be the place to go to discover new books and keep a clear count of my books. 

Meet Libby, the one stop shop for library ebooks and audiobooks. Libby is an app for public library members.  If you have a library card, you can borrow ebooks and audiobooks to your kindle, tablet, and phone. Libby is extremely user friendly and boasts a vast selection of electronic books and audiobooks for you to enjoy. If you have a busy schedule and cannot make it physically to your local branch, this is the best way to enjoy books for three weeks at a time. You can even put books on hold electronically from the comfort of your couch. 

Check out Bookstagram. What is Bookstagram? Another app? No, it isn’t. Bookstagram is a nickname for Instagrammers who feature books and reviews on public accounts. We take pictures of our books, style photos around books, and share reviews. I have found the Bookstagram community to be an inspiring place for readers. Since I created my own Bookstagram, I have “met” other readers from all over the world, and we share what we are reading and our reviews. 

Carry your books with you. People ask me all the time how I find time to read. I squeeze in moments while I wait. I bring books with me either on my phone, on my kindle, or in my purse, so if I have to wait somewhere, I have something to read. We are so wired to scroll on our phones, but we can also read for a few minutes at a time. 

Listen to your books. Speaking of taking your books with you, audiobooks are a perfect way to get in those reads when you are busy. You can listen as you drive, walk, run, cook, or do chores. Either with Audible or Libby, books are just a click away on your phone or tablet. 

Join Book of the Month. This subscription service has been a huge part of my reading journey the last two years. Through Book of the Month, you pay $14.99 for a new hardback book, usually a new release. The Book of the Month crew chooses five books each month, and you can make your selection from them. In addition, you can add on up to two books at $9.99 each. Three hardbacks for $35! Book of the Month is a great solution for busy readers who want wonderful books to arrive in a blue box at their front door. I also recommend Book of the Month for new readers who may not know where to start or what to read month by month. 

Why do we want to read more? It varies from person to person, but increasing your knowledge, empathy, wisdom, or entertainment are benefits we all can experience through books. Reading is a wonderful hobby. I fully support your goal to read more in 2022, and I hope you can use some of these helpful tips. 

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