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Friends, Food, and Fireworks

If you know me, you know that I love hosting parties at my house. During the month of December, my house is full of people every weekend with different parties for friends, employees, school teams, and birthdays. Needless to say, I haven’t really had any parties since COVID took over. Last year on the fourth, we had the COVID-19 virus rolling through my house, so I was down for the count and my husband was recovering. Luckily, the virus didn’t phase the littles. And yes, it is as bad as they say, and the “COVID brain” is a real thing.

Anyhow, with the restrictions gone here and my household healthy, we are back to business as usual for the Fourth of July. Invites have been sent out, the menu is being planned, and games are in the works. It is party time at the Foreman house! We are putting a spin on the games since we are finally having the 2020 Summer Olympics. We’ve got water balloon dodgeball, disc throwing, the backstroke relay, and a Nerf shootoff for now. I am sure we will have a few more to keep the kiddos and the adults busy until it’s time for food and fireworks.

While we celebrate our Nation’s Independence Day, we will be celebrating the 31st anniversary of Baton Rouge Parents Magazine. With all the celebrations going on, we have included over 25 birthday resources to help you get the party started. From venues, supplies, and cakes to how to host the best party at your home, we’ve provided you with the help you need to plan a great party. 

Happy Birthday to our Nation, the magazine, and all those who are celebrating this month. I hope July is everything you want it to be.


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