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Football, Soccer, and Homecoming?

I love fall. The sun goes down early, and it is easier to convince my kids bedtime is earlier. After morning carpool, I can sit on my back patio, drink my coffee, and listen to my Bible app. I’ve also been attending chapel with my boys every Wednesday since school started, and this has helped me to stay grounded. Being able to attend chapel with the boys stopped because of COVID-19, but we are back to full access this year.

Football is also in full swing. I was lucky enough to see the amazing halftime show at the LSU vs Southern game. I have dreamed of watching the Southern band perform, which is really sad considering they are in the town I live in and this was only my first time seeing them live. My daughter accompanied me to the game, and I think my husband was relieved because he is really not into crowds nor football, so that gave him time with the boys.

The boys are back in soccer, too. I cannot tell you how much I enjoy watching them play. This is the fourth year they have played, and yes, I am the mom on the sidelines cheering them on and having to stand up because it gets too intense, and I may occasionally jump if they score. I feel like I am lucky enough to get the best of both worlds: boys who found a sport they love and my daughter, who is my dancing queen.

This year, we have added something new into my fall schedule: homecoming. I was totally not prepared for this one. In years past, we always attended the homecoming parade, but I would try to get out of town for that long weekend since fall break always occurs that weekend, too. This year? Not so much. We have a high schooler who has been asked to homecoming by several boys. How did this happen? I swear I must have missed a year or two. Now we are dress shopping online because heaven forbid someone else has her same dress.

I don’t remember homecoming having to be so fancy. We always saved that for prom. And OMG, have you seen these dresses? Someone needs to go to fashion week and put a stop to these designers who want to show every body part. Why can’t we find a simple, glittery, non-cleavage-showing, non-stomach-cutout, non-butt-showing, no-slit-up-to-the-hip, and three-inches-above-the-knee appropriate dress. Lord, help me! I’m really going to need the weather to stay cool in the mornings so I can drink my coffee outside on the patio and listen to my Bible to get through this month!

Good luck to all you parents out there this month. I know we are all on the struggle bus with after-school activities, sports, games, and dress shopping.

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