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Craft Corner: Touchdown Worthy Crafts & Ideas

Score a touchdown in fun with these Super Bowl craft and game ideas. Your guests’ kiddos will get a kick out of these activities while watching the game or waiting for halftime.

DIY Penalty Flags
We all wish we could help refs see all of those missed calls. With these, we can make ourselves feel better–and even let our kiddos make the calls themselves.

Yellow and red felt sheets
Rubber bands
Ping pong balls

1. Take one of your felt sheets and place a ping pong ball in the center.
2. Wrap the felt sheet around the ping pong ball and secure it with a rubber band.
3. Repeat the process to make as many penalty flags as you wish.


Pin the Football Through the Goalpost
Much like Pin the Tail on the Donkey, this game is all about pinning the football to “score” the extra point!

Yellow and brown construction paper
Pen or marker
Poster board (optional)

1. With your yellow construction paper, cut out four long strips.
2. Tape the four strips of yellow construction paper together to resemble a goalpost.
3. With the brown construction paper, cut out several football shapes. Decorate the shapes, if preferred, or simply write the guests’ names on the footballs to differentiate. Add a piece of tape to the back of each one so they will be able to stick.
4. Tape the goalpost to a tape-friendly surface, or tape the goalpost to a poster board that you can hang at kid-level.
5. For the game, blindfold each participant while they hold their football. Then, spin them around five times before allowing them to walk toward the goalpost and stick their football to the game area. See who can score the extra point! The footballs that land between the posts win.


#1 Foam Finger
Cheer on your favorite team with this DIY foam finger.

2 Foam sheets (choose your favorite team’s colors!)
Foam finger template (download here)
Paint pen

1. Using the foam finger template, trace the template onto the foam sheets. You will need two!
2. Once they are drawn, cut out your foam fingers.
3. On one of the foam fingers, using a paint pen, draw a #1 on one side.
4. On the other side, add a line of glue on the outer edge of the foam, leaving a space to put a hand in. Then take the other foam finger, line them up to match, and glue them together.
5. Once it dries, you have your very own foam finger to wear.


6 Fantastic Football Reads

Goodnight Football by Michael Dahl
With football-related vocabulary and rhyming text, this nighttime read is perfect for little football fans.

Football with Dad: A Book for Dads and Kids by Frank Berrios
This Little Golden Book introduces kiddos to the game of football while teaching them about playing safely while still having fun.

400 Awesome Football Facts For Football Fanatics by Utopia Press
Learn football facts about the greatest players, franchises, and coaches that you may not know about in this book.

The Mouse Who Played Football by Brian Westbrook, Sr. and Lesley Van Arsdall
This story is based on former Eagles running back Brian Westbrook, Sr.’s own experiences in the league and encourages children to believe in themselves and make their differences their strengths.

Let’s Play Football by Ginger Swift
Introduce your little one to football with this lift-a-flap board book.

What is the Super Bowl? by Dina Anastasio and Who HQ
Learn all about the high-stakes game, the iconic halftime show, and the magic from years past.

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