Child Advocacy Center Offers Free Virtual Abuse Prevention Tool

It is estimated that only one in 10 children tell an adult about the abuse they experience. Prevention, even during a pandemic, is critical and Oklahoma City-based child advocacy organization The CARE Center is offering a free virtual program to teach bodily autonomy.

In response to increased demand for virtual abuse prevention training, The CARE Center now offers its online ROAR program without cost to organizations that serve children.

The ROAR program empowers children ages four to eight to understand personal body safety, speak out against abuse and identify adults who can help. Lessons are age-appropriate and child-friendly, with interactive elements to keep children engaged. Find out more here.

“Offering ROAR to not only school staff throughout the country but also in church and child care settings expands the reach of these life-changing lessons,” says Stacy McNeiland, CARE Center CEO and creator of the ROAR program. “Together, we can help school leaders, local advocates and concerned parents bring an end to their community’s child abuse epidemic.”

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