Celebrating Halloween

Halloween has always been a touchy subject for many Christians as two sides have emerged. There is the argument against Christians celebrating this day due to the nature of the holiday and the things it could possibly represent. On the other side, there are Christians who believe that partaking in the holiday festivities are harmless. In reality, I believe that both sides can be right in their own ways. 

As a Christian, we are obviously called to avoid things that lead us to sin. The origins of this holiday is a pagan religious celebration. There are ties to spirits, ghosts, and views of the afterlife that don’t necessarily align with the Christian faith. These alone are valid reasons for not partaking in the celebration of Halloween. In light of this, though, it is clear to see that Halloween has come a long way from where it was in the past. Those same traditions aren’t necessarily emphasized today. Now, it is mainly seen as a holiday for kids to enjoy dressing up and going house to house for free candy. It’s a time where friends get together and dress up as a group or share scary stories, creating fun childhood memories they can look back on years later. 

Some of you may be wondering, what is the problem, then, if that is the case? While the direction of this holiday has certainly shifted, that doesn’t change the origins, and if that does not sit well with anyone, it is right for them to abstain from celebrating the holiday. If they feel a conviction that celebrating this holiday could possibly lead them to sin, then it is in their best interest to abstain. 

In regards to others who don’t feel this same conviction, I would suggest a study of Romans 14. This isn’t a topic to argue and fight over. It isn’t a faith-defining decision where if you choose to celebrate Halloween you are no longer a Christian. Ultimately, it is up to one’s own personal convictions. The first four verses of Romans 14 talk about two believers who disagree on what they are allowed to eat. One believes that they can eat anything while the other believes they should only eat vegetables. Since it is not a sin to do either, it is written that both should not pass judgment or despise the other. 

That is the mentality that we should have for one another as brothers and sisters in Christ. One that is shaped by love and sacrifice similarly to Jesus on the cross. What does that mean? Well, if you are someone who doesn’t believe in the celebration of Halloween, don’t think yourself higher than the ones who do. On the flip side, if you are one who does choose to partake in the holiday festivities, don’t despise those who do not. As a matter of fact, you should not even attempt to pressure the other side into partaking in the holiday if they have already stated their convictions. 

Everything we do as believers is for the glorification of God and the building up of one another. Getting into menial arguments about should and should-not’s accomplishes neither of these things. It only works to separate and cause conflict among one another.

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