Family Life

Brandon LaGroue

Occupation ▪ Principal of Central High School
Wife ▪ Erin
Children ▪ Camryn, 12, and Ryann, 8
Hobbies ▪ Reading, fishing, playing basketball, spending time outdoors

Brandon LaGroue’s job often calls for him to be serious throughout the day, but in reality, he’s very silly and goofy. Brandon really loves having a good time each and every day, and he goes through life with a smile on his face. He’s also the perfect girl dad.

With two daughters, Brandon enjoys the time he gets to spend with them. They will often wear things that symbolize their close relationship, including wearing the same shoes or the same bracelets. His love for his family is truly adamant in everything he does, and he’s one spectacular dad.

How would you describe raising your children?
It’s an adventure. I think I’ve learned stuff from them as much as I hope I’m teaching them. It’s a fun ride to help instill things into them. You hope that you’re leading by example and that what you’re teaching them through your actions sticks.

What do you like to do as a family?
We’re a fairly competitive family. My youngest is into dancing so we have dance offs and sing offs. My oldest likes volleyball, so we’ll hit the volleyball together, and we have a dog, so we’ll play with the dog. We’re pretty silly and lighthearted when it comes to hanging out.

What’s the greatest thing about being a dad?
It’s a chance to love somebody else and pour everything that you have into them. You help shape and mold them. Your kids are what drives you to be better at what you do each day, so that hopefully you’re setting an example for them.

How has parenthood changed you?
It makes you pretty introspective about a lot of your choices, your words, your actions, how you spend your time. It’s a shift. It helps you have a lot more clarity with what to do in situations. There’s not much in life that is completely clear, but if you have their well-being in mind, it makes things easier.

What do you love most about your job?
It’s an adventure. I don’t think I’ve ever had two minutes that are the same, much less two days, and I kind of like that. You have to think on your feet. There’s never a minute when you can’t. I’ve got 1,478 kids. I consider myself having 1,480 kids, two have my DNA and the others don’t, but I love them just the same. This profession is definitely a calling. Kids give you energy. They give you energy to be better for them so that they become better.

What has your job taught you about parenting?
They both made me better at the other thing. My first job was at Starkey Academy. I was the head basketball and softball coach of the girl’s team. I never coached girls in my life. I didn’t know what I was doing. It just so happened that was the year I had Camryn. Having to learn so much about girls, just from that experience, I think really helped me be a better dad to girls.

How do you make time to relax?
Sometimes I have to be forced to. When I’m with the girls and having fun and doing something, that’s my break. If not, I’m trying to figure out how to make this a better place or reach kids I wouldn’t be able to reach.

What’s your favorite date night with your wife?
Dinner is a big thing. Every once in a while, we’ll cook what we know the other will like, especially if we know they had a long day. That’s our main thing.

What kind of dad are you?
I like to have a ton of fun with my kids, but I’m really big on failing forward, allowing them a chance to fail and learn from that and progress. I think that’s a tough skill that a lot of kids need to have. Developing that grit in life is so important. 

What personality trait of yours do your children also have?
My youngest has my carefree attitude that she can tackle anything and nothing will get in her way. My oldest is such a deep thinker already. You can have really good conversations with her about what’s going on, and she has a knack for the well-being of others.

Do you have any advice for other parents?
To try to find some type of joy in the process because it’s not going to be easy. You’re going to make some tough decisions and they’re probably going to be wrong, but if you get so caught up in the bad things that could happen, you’re going to miss some things. Find joy in the process. ■

In my fridge, you will always find…
orange juice and to-go boxes.
Favorite movie growing up…Indiana Jones movies.
My guilty pleasure is…obnoxiously old Scotch.
Music I’m loving…90s hits.
I feel my best when I…am interacting with people.
My favorite television show is…Hard Knocks.
My favorite ice cream is…anything Blue Bell. 
My dream travel spot is…Cinque Terre, Italy.

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