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Brainstorming Boredom Busters While Stuck at Home

I love a good challenge, but at least four weeks (eight weeks?) at home with my girls, ages 8 and almost-4, may be my biggest mama challenge to date. I am committed to doing our part for public health and staying home as much as we possibly can. I am so fortunate to be able to do so as a work-from-home mom (let’s see how much work I can actually get done though, sorry to my editor!). 

We have a backyard and live in a walkable neighborhood (as long as we don’t get close to other people bike rides especially should be doable), but most of our time will be spent inside our house to avoid becoming sick or spreading the novel coronavirus to others. Lives are at stake, so it’s almost like we’re superheroes! Challenge accepted.

Lots of suggested schedule graphics are flying around social media (some forget to include snack time, and I didn’t skimp on the snacks in my preparations), and many websites offer free learning opportunities. My second grader came home with workbooks and worksheets, and we have access to Google Classroom, so hopefully her learning can continue at the direction of her teachers at least somewhat. But school work can only take up so much time. I know we will be filling much of our own time. 

We’ve been through a few short storms–Hurricane Isaac and the August 2016 floods–but of course, nothing like what we’re facing now. During our sabbatical in Minneapolis two years ago, we were stuck inside due to several big snowstorms, and I started a list of things we could do while homebound. There we were in a small, two-bedroom apartment without access to all our toys, but snow would only keep us in for a day or two at a time. This next month or more will be a completely different beast, even with more space in our house and access to the outdoors. 

Since the announcement of all public schools closing in Louisiana, I have revisited my list and started brainstorming others with my girls. Here’s what we’ve got so far, basically in the order we thought of them, and I’d be VERY interested in your additions. Hit me up in the comments!

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