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Book Rumble

Who would win if a hippopotamus and a rhinoceros got into a rumble? A month ago, I would have put my money on the rhino, but thanks to a bedtime story, I’m now in the know. As we read a Who Would Win book together, the boys were delighted to inform me that choosing the horned creature was completely WRONG! The sound effects and role playing inspired by these stories reminded me of why I love being a boy mom.

After reading these little tales, most conversations with Little Bud began with, “Mom, who would win between an X and a Y?” Many times, discussions arise about the characteristics of these animals and why one is more equipped to win than the other. I have to admit, the boys usually know more details than I do.

The fact that books elicit such enthusiasm in the boys makes me a proud mama. (You have to celebrate while you can.) Books have always been a part of their lives. To this day, I still remember the book that PMan couldn’t get enough of when he was two. Of course, it was the one that my husband and I were completely over after one read. Even now when I see its worn spine on the shelf, I cringe a little inside.

But, despite our lack of enthusiasm for that particular book, which we read one million times, we continued to read on. Did I mention it was PMan’s favorite and we read it one million times? It is terrific to share a love of reading with the boys, and along the way, our book choices have evolved.

That evolution is something I’m quite grateful for, in most cases. Like many, our family enjoyed the touch, scratch and sniff board books. We’ve laughed at the adventures of Piggie and Elephant, and we love Pete the Cat–who doesn’t? We’ve also worked in books that help us learn along the way. For example, I’ve discovered children’s books that highlight the concept of adoption in beautiful ways that little guys can relate to. I’ve always thought that there is a book for everything, and I’m finding that this is true even in the children’s section.

Of course, with all the book love, we enjoy a trip to the library. It was a total mom win when I realized that a pile of books checked out for free can keep everyone content as I drive around doing errands. It’s also completely precious when Little Bud presents his library card and tells me he wants to “buy” the books this time.

Recently, we ordered books through school (that I actually purchased with real money) and I like to think it was exciting for the boys to be called upon when the books arrived. Since those books arrived, they have been read numerous times. It was in that new bundle that we learned about the hippo’s strength, and I still say the rhino has a good chance of winning if circumstances are a little different. I won’t tell you how it ends in case you want to read it.

Here’s to all the readers out there! Share your favorite book or children’s story with all of us. It just may be someone’s new favorite.

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