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Book Corner: Season of Gratitude

Give thanks for books! This month, we highlight stories for kids and teens about everything that makes November so wonderful. Read about the history of Thanksgiving, fun family gatherings, and holiday pastimes like football and the Macy’s Parade! So after a delicious meal of turkey and all the trimmings, get cozy and curl up with a great book!


Celebrate the season of gratitude with these fun picture books your child will love.

Pearl and Squirrel Give Thanks by Cassie and Ryan Ehrenberg
Pearl the dog and her shy friend, Squirrel, find much to be thankful for while roaming their big city on Thanksgiving, but at day’s end, they have a reason for lasting gratitude.

The More You Give by Marcy Campbell
Family is full of love, giving hugs, sharing wisdom, and enjoying the many gifts we give each other, as well as passing down that love, giving, sharing, and wisdom from generation to generation.

Friendsgiving by Nancy Siscoe
The leaves are falling, the air is crisp, and Berry, Ginger, and Willow are enjoying the delights of fall. When these old friends join with new friends to bask in the bounty of the season, there is a lot to be thankful for–and a new tradition is born–Friendsgiving!

Kids who are already reading on their own may want to give some of these books a whirl.

Why We Have Thanksgiving by Margaret Hillert
This beginning reader retells the story of the Pilgrims’ long journey to America and the first Thanksgiving with Native Americans.

Charlie Bumpers vs. the Perfect Little Turkey by Bill Harley
In this chapter book, it’s Thanksgiving in the Bumpers’ household, and Charlie is excited for his Uncle Ron to stay for a visit. But Charlie’s excitement is dulled when he finds out that he will have an additional guest that is sharing his room–his annoying little cousin, Chip!

Your little turkeys will learn something new with these non-fiction titles!

If You Were a Kid at the First Thanksgiving by Melissa Sarno
Two friends, Miles and Aquina, imagine what it would be like if they were in the time of the first Thanksgiving. This book follows Miles, as an English settler, and Aquina, as a member of the Wampanoag tribe, and each of their would-be experiences if they had lived during 1620 and attended the first Thanksgiving.

Balloons over Broadway: The True Story of the Puppeteer of the Macy’s Parade by Melissa Sweet
Award-winning artist Sweet tells the story of the puppeteer, Tony Sarg, capturing his genius, his dedication, his zest for play, and his long-lasting gift to America–the inspired helium balloons that would become the trademark of Macy’s Thanksgiving
Day Parade.


Encourage a grateful attitude with your tweens and teens! These books might just put them in a Thanksgiving state of mind.

1621: A New Look at Thanksgiving by Catherine O’Neill Grace
Countering the prevailing, traditional story of the first Thanksgiving, with its black-hatted, silver-buckled Pilgrims; blanket-clad, be-feathered Native Americans; cranberry sauce; pumpkin pie; and turkey, this lushly illustrated photo-essay presents a more measured, balanced, and historically accurate version of the three-day harvest celebration in 1621.

Lone Stars by Mike Lupica
When Coach Coop, a former star player for the Dallas Cowboys, exhibits side effects from the many concussions he suffered while playing professionally, 12-year-old Clay Hollis becomes determined to help him get through the season.

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